Green Sanctuary Ministry

UUCC is an accredited Green Sanctuary!

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A Green Sanctuary is a Congregation that:

  • Has received official recognition for completing the Green Sanctuary Program.
  • Lives out its commitment to the Earth by creating sustainable lifestyles for its members as individuals and as a faith community.
  •  Is committed towards creating a religious community that has a fundamental, bottom-line, commitment to living in harmony with the Earth.

Green Sanctuary Ministry

The Green Sanctuary Ministry gives roots and wings to the vision that we can create a world in which all people make reverence, gratitude, and care for the living Earth central to our lives.

Our Green Sanctuary programs include:

UUCC’s “For A Better World” Series

Stay tuned for the next event in our “For A Better World” series.

These events are free and open to everyone!

UUCC’s “Rid the world of plastic bags” campaign


The Green Sanctuary Committee is organizing a County-Wide Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags Campaign.

Unitarian Universalism’s seventh principle is that we “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”.

After our screening of the film “Bag It – Is Your Life Too Plastic?”, we were inspired to help rid the world of plastic bags.

We use BioBags at our church, and sell BioBags to our members and visitors interested in a biodegradable and compostable alternative to plastic bags: A box of 25 3-gallon bags (for waste basket or compost bucket liners) is $5.00; and a box of 12 13-gallon bags (for large kitchen trash cans) is $6.00.

Our Green Sanctuary Committee handed out free canvas bags to the community at the Victor Earth Day Celebration, and continuously works to promote the concept of replacing plastic bags with re-usable bags.

For more information on the progress of the campaign, contact Judy Cadle ( or Kathy Keller (


UUCC and the Adopt-A-Highway Program

UUCC is the proud adopter of the 2.2 mile section of 5 & 20 from Hopkins Road to the start of the bypass through the NYS Adopt-A-Highway Program.

We are extremely excited to take on this new challenge and to make a difference in the cleanliness of our community!


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Community Supported Agriculture

2016 will be the 14th season for the UUCC  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

A CSA is food production and distribution system of members who have pledged to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

Each week, depending on the size of your share you will receive 4- 11 items in your share. The UUCC CSA is unique in that the shares include both certified organic vegetables and certified organic fruit. We also offer a larger degree of flexibility in determining the contents of your share than other CSAs. Every week, our members choose several items off of a market table to supplement what is already included in their share. By partnering with other farms we are able to offer at extra cost: poultry, beef and pork at least once a month. We also offer our CSA members discounted U-Pick opportunities and discounts on fruits and vegetables for canning.

We offer large family shares at $32/week, small shares at $24/week, and micro shares at $15.20 per week. We have a capacity of 65 households in Canandaigua for a season running from June 6 to November 7.

Our distributions are on Monday evenings at our church from 5:15 to 7:00 pm.  Shares which are not picked up are donated to the local food pantry.

Membership in the CSA is open to all!

The UUCC CSA is committed to the goal of equal access to food for all and sponsors an assistance fund to support people who would like to participate in the CSA but have limited resources. Please consider making a donation to this fund to help ensure access to healthy food for all.

In addition, we have a scholarship program available for those who find the initial costs high for their budget.  Applications for that program are available at church.

UUCC neither receives nor donates money to the CSA, but contributes both to the assistance fund and the space for CSA distribution.
For information on the fruits and vegetables available in the shares throughout the growing season and about the farm and our UUCC CSA history go to

CSA applications can be found in the front hallway or at the Fellenz Family Farm website

Email questions to Erik at or call Alison Clarke at 585-244-2711.



UUCC’s CF Light Bulb and Battery Recycling Program

As part of its overall environmental stewardship outreach efforts of the Green Sanctuary Ministry, UUCC provides a CF Light Bulb and Battery Recycling Program to its members.

Our goal with the program is to ensure that used lithium (Li) and nickel-cadmium (Ni-CD) household batteries (such as 9-volt, C, AA, coin, button and rechargeable batteries) and Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs are collected and recycled responsibly.

Church members simply need to bring the CF Light Bulbs and/or Batteries to the church, and place them in the collection box located at the entrance of the church, beneath the coat rack.

For more information about Batteries, visit this website:

For more information about CL Light Bulbs, visit these websites:  and

Learn what to do if a CFL breaks in your home here: