Welcome to UUCC Worship!

When We Worship

Our worship services–which most of us refer to as “Celebrations of Life”–are held every Sunday morning at 10am.  They last about one hour and are followed by a social hour.    Religious education classes for children and youth also start at 10am and occur at the same time as worship.  Children and youth join us for the first 15 minutes of each service then are joyfully sung out as they go to their classes & groups, which last until 11:15am.

Can My Child Stay For the Service?

Most worship services are designed for an adult audience, but we encourage all families to decide what best fits their needs and interests.  Children are certainly welcome to stay with their parents but most children are excited to attend our religious education program.  A number of times every year, the children and youth worship with the adults.  These intergenerational services are among our favorites.  They are announced ahead of time in our newsletter, but usually occur around holidays.

What to Wear to Worship

We are a casual group.  Wear what you are comfortable in.  You will encounter people in ties & suits as well as Birkenstocks and blue jeans.  More than anything, we want you to feel at home.

What Does Worship Mean To Us

Unitarian Universalists often call our worship services “celebrations of life.”   Every Sunday, we unite to express our gratitude for this miraculous life, share our common struggles and celebrations, experience transformational music and reflect on what it means to live fully and deeply.   We take serious the German root of the word worship which means “worth-shaping.” What a great way to think of the act of worship: shaping and reminding ourselves of things of worth!

Soul Matters Offers a Chance to Go Deeper

To explore our worship themes in more depth, we encourage all members and newcomers to join one of our Soul Matters small groups.  These are spiritual discussion groups made up of 8-10 members who meet monthly to reflect on how the monthly theme is woven–or needs to be woven–into their daily loving and living.  It’s a great source of intellectual stimulation, friendship and spiritual development.