About Unitarian Universalism

A Brief History of Unitarian Universalism

A brief history of how our religious movement emerged.  Click here 

 Our UU Principles

Don’t mistake these for our creed. This is a list of the more common perspectives among all UUs. It does not capture all we believe or necessarily what UUs each believe most strongly. They are simply—and powerfully—the core items most of us share. Click here  

 Beliefs within Our Faith

This lifts up our embrace of the many faith traditions of all humanity. We do not believe that truth is the sole possession of one religion, but is spread throughout all traditions, even the “secular” traditions of science, Shakesphere, movies and Barnes & Noble books! Click here     

 The Flaming Chalice

Read about the symbol of our faith. Click here 

 100 Questions That Non-Members Ask

This popular and brief overview, 100 Questions That Non-Members Ask About Unitarian Universalism, offers a distinctly humanist view of Unitarian Universalism and helps newcomers get a good feel of who we are.